Friday, 3 August 2012

I found a cheap portable oxygen concentrator in China for £80 - will it be suitable for me?

It's true! You can actually buy oxygen concentrators as low as  £80 in China - But you will find it will be no good for you.

Most Oxygen patients who hunt tirelessly on the internet to find a bargain sometimes fall down this trap.

If you are a patient suffering from COPD or Emphysema you will know your cylinder or oxygen concentrator at home pumps out at around 90% concentration of Oxygen to air ratio.

You will find the Chinese, especially in the big cities have a massive problem with Air Pollution. In turn, oxygen is partly being replaced by air pollution depriving the body from the full 21% of oxygen that is mixed in air. These type of oxygen concentrators are mainly designed for therapeutic purposes and to combat the deprivation of oxygen in the body when in highly polluted areas. The Chinese are not the only big manufacturer of therapeutic oxygen concentrators and there are many other models like it around the world. These type of concentrators very rarely pass the 30% oxygen concentration mark and not suitable for patients that have a chronic lung condition requiring supplementary oxygen.

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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The LifeChoice Portable Oxygen Concentrator

The LifeChoice POC is the latest portable oxygen device to enter the UK market. After great success in the US, the LifeChoice has been dubbed as the iPhone of all portable oxygen concentrators with it's really friendly user interface and easy plug 'n' play servicing.